200GB sim + Router


Router inclusive on a 12 month pay off plan

  • Download – Up to 50Mbps
  • Anytime data


Choose your package

In addition to a choice of three data packages, you can select a SIM-only package and use your own LTE-compatible Huawei router, or you can buy a package with a router (either the MF283V or a MF253V).
Check your coverage using the address where the SIM will be used. Please use the same address in the purchasing process as this will be used when your router is set up, prior to delivery.

Please note!!

  • Your premises must be in an area covered by our LTE network.
  • We’ll need to ask you for specific documents to ensure Rica compliance.
  • Terms & Conditions apply to any promotional offers.
  • Your speed with LTE is dependent on number of users connecting to the device, distance to tower, line of sight, the number of users on that specific base station as well as spectrum allocation.


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