Wireless LTE-A

Speeds up to 50 Mbps l Anytime data l Top up @ R15 per GB l   

Why Choose LTE-A?

LTE-A provides fast Internet at a low price. Your connection is wireless and connects to the closets LTE-A Tower. No Telkom, no cables, no landlord approval, No landline, no credit checks, Within 3-7 business days of your successful order we will deliver your LTE Deal

low call cost

Add VoIP to your LTE Deal and make calls from 25c to landlines & 35c to mobile per minute billed per second


Easy Upgrade

simply upgrade your package as your business or home demands

Lightning Setup

Plug & play

Ultra Reliable LTE-A

LTE carries your connection in the sky to bring high-speed wireless connectivity to locations that were previously out of reach, damage or stolen .

After service

Our key goal is to keep the client happy after they signed up and assist them with any query they needs


We offer monthly & long term contracts.

Fast LTE-A deals

Anytime data l Speeds up to 50Mbps l contract & non contract

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Answers to your Questions

Anytime data l Speeds up to 50 Mbps l contract & non contract
How do I top up my data?

Go to the online shop and buy your top up

How will I be billed?

First time sign up will be billed pro-rata after the 1st from the day of activation of the SIM card, there after you will be billed your monthly fee in advance.

What speeds can one expect on Cell C's LTE network?

Cell C advertise speeds up to 69Mbps download and up to 25Mbps upload on their network, although this is dependent on the number of users connecting to the device, distance to tower, line of sight, the number of users on that specific base station, as well as spectrum allocation.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my package?

Yes. All Fixed Wireless packages can be upgraded or downgraded.

Note that package changes will only be effective on the 1st of the following month, regardless of when in the month the request is made or whether it is an Upgrade or Downgrade. This is a restriction from Cell C.

How does your Cancellation Policy work on the sim only deal?

You can cancel your sim only deal before the 25th of each month, otherwise we charge you for the following month.

Please see our Terms & Conditions

How does your Cancellation Policy work on the sim + router deal?

If you cancel your 12 month agreement you are liable for the payemnt of R1500 for the router & you forfit your deposit towards the router + the remaining months of your contract.

Please see our Terms & Conditions

How do I check if I fall into an LTE coverage area?

Call or email us to check if your premises is in range of the Cell C LTE network. We happy to call back if you need to save on airtime.

Can I connect to the Internet if I insert my Cell C LTE SIM into another device?

The LTE SIM and router are configured and linked after the purchase of the service and therefore work as a single unit.

What is the order or prioritisation of data depletion?

Monthly inclusive data will deplete first, followed by top up data.

For how long is Topup data valid?

Data Bundle Topups for Cell C packages are valid for 30 days from purchase.

For example, if you purchase a Topup Bundle on the 25th of March, the Bundle will expire on the 23rd of April at 23:59.

Any unused Topup Bundle will be forfeited at 23:59 on the expiry date.

What happens if I sign up in the middle of the month?

All Fixed Wireless packages are charged pro-rata. Data will also be allocated pro-rata.

For example, if you sign up halfway through the month you will pay half the price and receive half the data for the rest of the month.

How long does it take to activate the mobile services after delivery?

Your SIM Card should be active within 30 minutes after delivery. In extreme cases it can take up to 48 hours, but this is highly unlikely.

Should you have trouble connecting after 30 minutes, please reboot your device and try to connect again. Please contact our Support team at info@tel-a-care.co.za if you do not have a connection after 48 hours.

How fast is my LTE-A speed

Your speed with LTE is dependent on number of users connecting to the device, distance to tower, line of sight, the number of users on that specific base station as well as spectrum allocation


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