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Tel-A-Care VoIP for as little as R80/month per hosted extension.


A Leader In Telecoms industry with over 15 years of experience.


A Leader In Telecoms industry with over 15 years of experience.

Voip Home

NO LINE RENTAL l Free number & power supply when you buy a VoIP phone by us. 


Calling between extensions, no matter the location


Tel-A-Care VoIP for business as little as R80/month per hosted extension.


Our Services

Tel-a-care will deliver the best service at an affordable price.
  • A great connectivity solution for those who don’t have access to ADSL or Fibre-to-the Home connectivity. 
  • Quick to Set Up
  • Speeds up to 50mbps
  • no landline required
  • connect up to 32-64 devices
  • live in a complex or flat no need for landlord approval
  • As long as you’re in an LTE covered area, you can take your router with you on holiday or to your friends.

  • No line rental
  • VoIP only works if you have exsitng internet like Fiber,Fix LTE or LTE-A and (ADSL not recommended)
  • Pay only for talk time from R100
  • Talk time roll over for 2 months
  • Buy a VoIP phone for R999 and get a free number & power supply
  • Low call rates to any network
  • Keep your number or get a new number (021, 011 ,031, 041….)
  • No line rental for one extension
  • call rates lower than 70 cents per minute to all SA networks
  • Get billed per second
  • HD voice quality, easy installations, plug & play
  • Internet that is reliable and ultra fast
  • speeds up to 200mbps
  • no throttling
  • unshaped 
  • Great for gaming
  • Great for streaming
  • Great for video chats

We have the best network specialist available to ensure that your  Home or Business is Fully covered.

  • no more signal lost
  • we install networking cabling
  • we configure your router
  • we install wifi extenders
  • Installation and Maintenance of Data networks (CAT5, CAT6, cabling and Optic Fiber
  • Telecommunications Cabling(indoor, outdoor and underground) installations and maintenance

Make an appointment with one of our top Web or Graphics designers

  • From  R2000 once off 3 page web design (without domain fee)
  • From R250 pm x12 3 page web design (without domain fee)
  • 3 easy steps creating your website
    • Choose your theme
    • drop us an inbox with the theme title ( info@tel-a-care.co.za )
    • Send me your info you want to put on your website.
    • Choose your Domain ( Free for 6 month, after 6 month R25 pm after a year R45 pm forever.


We stock New & Referbished appliance at a low price.

Stock come and go so be on the look out.

  • Pc, laptop, cell phones
  • Good second hand (Tested)
  • Head phone, tv box, games
  • Computer hardware

VoIP Business

No line Rental

For businesses with one extension 


VoIP Home

No line Rental

For VoIP home 


Why Choose Us?

The need was seen for a company to provide a specialized and focused service in the telecommunication industry to larger or smaller enterprises which deliver immediate service that some company’s may need.

More Telephony, Less Cost

It’s time to experience a reliable and flexible telephone company that helps your business or Home save money too.


Log a call with us anytime and our multi-tiered support team will attend to your query

Ultra Reliable LTE-A

LTE carries your connection in the sky to bring high-speed wireless connectivity to locations that were previously out of reach, damage or stolen .

Tel-A-Care VoIP

Simply by changing to Tel-A-Care VoIP for as little as R80/month per hosted extension..

Easy Upgrade

simply upgrade your package as your business or home demands

After service

Our key goal is to keep the client happy after they signed up and assist them with any query they needs

Simple Pricing and Invoicing

We have a simple Tier pricing structure allowing you to make the best decision to fit your budget. 

Lightning Speeds

We have a simple Tier pricing structure allowing you to make the best decision to fit your budget. 


We have a simple Tier pricing structure allowing you to make the best decision to fit your budget. 

Call Cost

Free line Rental

For VoIP home / businesses with one number


From 25c to landlines

per minute billed per second


up to 65% on landline numbers

From 35c to mobile

per minute billed per second


between 20%-50% on any mobile network

Fast LTE-A deals

Anytime data l Speeds up to 50Mbps l contract & non contract

LTE-A Promotions








VoIP Pricing

We sell all types of VoIP Hardware & Phones

  • Cordless phones
  • Conferences phones
  • Reception phones
  • Soft phones (App you download)
  • Call center VoIP phones
  • VoIP phones that supports Bluetooth
  • Expansion pads
  • Headsets
  • Power adapters, Poe switches.
  • Routers, Network cables, Wifi extenders.
  • Ect…

Cordless VoIP phone

VoIP phone

CP960 Conference Phone


CP960 Conference Phone


Satisfied Clients


Email response


Problem solving

VoIP Features

With our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services we provide everything your business need to communicate across all departments and devices.

These are a few of the reasons why signing up for a plan with us, will be one of the best business decisions you have ever made.

Download our App

Make low calls useing the App and call from a 021, 031, 041 ect… number on your mobile

Online Portal

Visit your online portal as Tel-A-Care stores call logs for up to 12 months. No more bill shocks.

Record calls

Record, review, and download conversations for inbound and outbound calls. 

Never miss a call

Hunt for the next avaible extension 

Group Ring

Set up inbound calls to only ring at specific extension/phones

3 way calling

Have a converation between 3 people over one line.

Music on hold

Play a tune or message when put on hold or busy on a line

Voice & Fax to email

Fax & voicemail gets delivered to your email inbox as an attached PDF or MP3 file.

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

Let us help you accomplish only the best technology and delivery top quality products at your demand..

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  • How?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Advice?
  • Educate Yourself?

VoIP Answers to Your Questions

My telephone service is expensive?

With Tel-a-care we will provide you with low call rates and low rental

Maintaining my old PABX telephone system can become expensive?

  • Eesy! With Tel-a-care VoIP we simply put your PABX on a cloud ( All problems can be solved on the cloud without us coming out to you).
  • Moving your phone simply plugging it out of your Data network point and then plugging it into the other  network point at your new office as long as you have internet
  • Use less cables as your VoIP phone has an internet port which you can extend to your laptop or PC

What I sign up is not what I get?

With Tel-a-care VoIP its Month-Month so we always make sure that you get the best Service from us.   Our clients smiles comes first.

When Calling towards international numbers becomes way too expensive and unpractical?

With Tel-a-care VoIP you can now travel the world, cut on call cost and still be connected as long as you have internet.

I have been experiencing downtime for more than a week by other service providers?

With Tel-a-care VoIP you can buy a LTE router by us, which work with your VoIP phone which make the VoIP phone wireless. Never experience downtime like cable theft or damage cables again. 


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